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The song “Panda” by Desiigner gained immense popularity upon its release in 2016. Known for its catchy beat and unique flow, the track became a chart-topping hit and has captivated audiences worldwide. The lyrics of “Panda” have sparked numerous discussions, interpretations, and analyses among music enthusiasts and fans alike.


Desiigner , an American rapper, songwriter, and singer, rose to fame with his breakout single “Panda.” Born Sidney Royel Selby III, Desiigner hails from Brooklyn, New York. His innovative approach to music and distinct style have set him apart in the hip-hop industry. Desiigner’s energetic delivery and memorable ad-libs have established him as a prominent figure in contemporary rap music.

The artist’s compelling stage presence and dynamic performances have further solidified his status as an influential force in the realm of rap and hip-hop. Desiigner’s artistic evolution continues to intrigue fans and critics, shaping the landscape of modern music.

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Desiigner’s impact on the music industry extends beyond his hit single “Panda.” His creative prowess, coupled with his ability to connect with audiences, has cemented his position as a multifaceted artist. From collaborations with renowned musicians to his solo ventures, Desiigner’s versatility and ingenuity continually captivate listeners.

Furthermore, Desiigner’s commitment to artistic innovation and experimentation has set a new standard for aspiring musicians and creators. As he continues to navigate the complex terrain of the entertainment industry, Desiigner’s influence remains palpable, inspiring a new generation of performers and enthusiasts.

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