Burger King Menu in South Africa

Are you looking for a satisfying meal at an affordable price? Look no further than Burger King South Africa! With several locations across the country, Burger King offers a diverse menu that includes delicious burgers, fries, and beverages to satisfy your cravings. Whether you are a local or a tourist visiting South Africa, you can find a Burger King outlet near you.

499 Glasgow Road

Located at 499 Glasgow Road, this Burger King outlet is a popular choice for locals and travelers. The address is easily accessible, making it a convenient stop for a quick and delicious meal. The outlet’s interior exudes an inviting and comfortable ambiance, perfect for enjoying your favorite burger and fries.

Food Court, Waverley Station

Burger King at Waverley Station’s food court is a go-to destination for commuters and travelers passing through the station. This location provides the opportunity to savor Burger King’s signature offerings in a bustling and vibrant setting.

Unit2 Caldeen Road

Situated at Unit 2 Caldeen Road, this Burger King outlet is a must-visit for those in the area. Whether you are looking for a quick bite during your lunch break or a satisfying meal while on the go, this location offers convenience and fantastic menu options.

Burger King Menu South Africa Prices

Burger King offers a wide range of menu items at competitive prices. From classic Whoppers to crispy chicken sandwiches, there is something for everyone at Burger King South Africa. The affordability of the menu makes it an attractive choice for individuals and families seeking a delicious and budget-friendly dining experience.

Updated Menu Items And Prices of Burger King South Africa

The menu at Burger King South Africa features a variety of options, including flame-grilled burgers, chicken products, salads, sides, and beverages. The updated prices reflect Burger King’s commitment to providing high-quality meals at accessible prices, ensuring that customers receive great value for their money.

Location and Contact

Burger King South Africa’s multiple locations and easily accessible contact details make it convenient for customers to locate and reach out to these outlets. The approachable nature of Burger King’s customer service adds to the overall positive experience of dining at their establishments.

Opening and Closing Time

Burger King outlets in South Africa have carefully planned opening and closing times to cater to customers’ dining needs throughout the day. Whether you crave a morning pick-me-up or a late-night snack, Burger King South Africa has you covered with its accommodating operating hours.

Short Video of Burger King Menu

Do you want an enticing preview of what Burger King South Africa has to offer? Check out the short video that showcases the mouthwatering menu items available at Burger King locations. This visual representation adds an exciting dimension to the dining experience, inviting customers to explore the diverse options available.

Nutrition Values About Burger King in South Africa

Burger King is committed to transparency, providing comprehensive nutritional information about its menu items. Customers can make informed choices by referring to the nutrition values, allowing them to select options that align with their dietary preferences and requirements.

Allergens Values Of Burger King Menu

In addition to nutrition values, Burger King South Africa emphasizes the importance of disclosing allergen information. This proactive approach ensures that individuals with specific dietary restrictions or allergies can confidently enjoy their meals without concerns about potential allergens.

Career Opportunities in Burger King South Africa

Burger King offers exciting career opportunities for individuals seeking employment in the food and beverage industry. Whether you are interested in customer service, culinary roles, management positions, or corporate opportunities, Burger King South Africa provides a range of career paths to explore.

How to Explore Career Opportunities

Aspiring applicants can explore career opportunities at Burger King South Africa through the company’s official website, where job listings and relevant information are readily available. The platform enables individuals to discover and apply for roles that match their skills and interests within the dynamic and rewarding environment of Burger King.

Hot Selling Items At Burger King South Africa

Among the hot selling items at Burger King South Africa are the iconic Whopper, Zesty Chicken Fries, Cheeseburger, and refreshing beverages. These popular choices consistently garner positive feedback from customers, making them top picks for those seeking a delightful dining experience.

Alternatives of Burger King

While Burger King holds a special place in the hearts of many, customers may also consider exploring alternative dining options. Popular alternatives include McDonald’s, KFC, Nando’s, and local eateries, each offering unique menus and dining experiences.

Deals At Burger King

Burger King frequently introduces attractive deals and promotions, including combo meals, value deals, and limited-time offers. These promotions provide customers with the opportunity to enjoy their favorite menu items at exceptional prices, further enhancing their overall dining satisfaction.

Reviews About Burger King

Customers often express their satisfaction with Burger King’s menu, service, and overall dining experience. Positive reviews highlight the deliciousness of the food, efficiency of service, and inviting ambiance, contributing to Burger King’s positive reputation in the South African market.


1. What are the most popular items on the Burger King menu in South Africa? – The most popular items at Burger King South Africa include the Whopper, Zesty Chicken Fries, and Cheeseburger. 2. Are there vegetarian options available at Burger King South Africa? – Yes, Burger King South Africa offers vegetarian options such as the Veggie Burger and Garden Side Salad. 3. Does Burger King South Africa offer delivery services? – Yes, Burger King South Africa provides delivery services through selected platforms, allowing customers to enjoy their favorite meals in the comfort of their homes. 4. How can individuals apply for career opportunities at Burger King South Africa? – Interested applicants can explore career opportunities at Burger King South Africa by visiting the company’s official website and accessing the available job listings. 5. Are there any seasonal promotions or limited-time offers at Burger King South Africa? – Yes, Burger King frequently introduces seasonal promotions and limited-time offers, providing customers with exciting opportunities to enjoy great deals on their favorite menu items.

Summary of Key Points

In summary, Burger King South Africa presents a diverse menu with budget-friendly prices, attracting individuals and families alike. The multiple locations, extensive nutritional information, and career opportunities further enhance the appeal of Burger King in the South African market. Additionally, the positive reviews and enticing deals make Burger King a top choice for those seeking a satisfying dining experience. Whether you’re craving a classic Whopper or exploring vegetarian options, Burger King is a go-to destination for delicious meals and excellent service. Explore the menu, savor the flavors, and discover the exceptional offerings at Burger King South Africa.


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