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BIOS PostCodes

Intel Motherboards:

These error codes apply to the Compaq Deskpro and Prosignia desktop systems to include the following systems: Deskpro 1000, 2000, 2000 MMX, 4000, 4000 MMX, 4000N/S, 6000, 6000MMX, EC, EP, EN, EN Small Form Factor and Net PC's, EN Small Form Factor Front Mounted Audio Solution, Prosignia 300 and Prosignia 320 Desktop systems.  There are some codes that I am still searching for, so if you know of codes that are not listed, please send them so I can add them to the listings.  Thank you.


  • Compaq Desktop Systems Post Messages
  • Compaq Desktop System Diagnostic Codes


Compaq Desktop System Post Messages:

101 Option ROM Error
102 System board failure
103 System board failure
162 System options not set
163 Time and date not set
164 Memory size error
183 Invalid processor jumper setting
201 Memory error
202 Memory type mismatch
207 ECC corrected single bit errors in DIMM/SIMM pair(s)
213 Incompatible DIMM module in DIMM socket(s)
301 Keyboard error
304 Keyboard or system unit error
401 Parallel port 1 address assignment conflict
403 Parallel port 3 address assignment conflict
404 Parallel port address conflict detected
410 Audio interrupt conflict
411 Network interface card interrupt conflict
501 Display adapter failure
601 Diskette controller error
602 Diskette boot record error
605 Diskette drive type error
610 External storage device failure
611 Primary floppy port address assignment conflict
612 Secondary floppy port address assignment conflict
660 Display cache is detected unreliable
912 Computer cover has been removed since last system startup
914 Hood lock coil is not connected
916 thermal sensor from processor heatsink is not connected
917 Expansion riser not detected
1151 Serial port 1 address conflict detected
1152 Serial port 2 address conflict detected
1155 Serial port address detected
1201 System audio address conflict detected
1202 MIDI port address conflict detected
1203 Game port address conflict detected
1720 SMART hard drive detects imminent failure
1721 SMART SCSI hard drive detects imminent failure
1771 Primary disk port address assignment conflict
1772 Secondary disk port address assignment conflict
1780 Disk 0 failure - format error
1781 Disk 1 failure - format error
1782 Disk controller failure
1790 Disk 0 failure - disk drive type mismatch in CMOS
1791 Disk 1 failure - disk drive type mismatch in CMOS
1792 Secondary disk controller failure
1793 Secondary controller or disk failure
1800 Temperature alert
1801 Processor not supported by ROM BIOS

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Compaq Desktop System Diagnostic Codes

Microprocessor Test Error Codes:

0101-xx CPU test failure
0102-xx Coprocessor test failure
0103-xx DMA controller failure
0104-xx Interrupt controller failed
0105-xx Port error
0106-xx Keyboard controller self test failed
0107-xx CMOS RAM test failed
0108-xx CMOS interrupt test failed
0109-xx CMOS clock test failed
0110-xx Programmable interrupt timer failure
0113-01 Protected mode test failed
0114-01 Speaker test failed

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Memory Test Error Codes:

0200-xx Memory machine ID test failure
0202-xx Memory system ROM checksum failure
0203-xx Memory read/write test failure
0204-xx Memory address test failure
0205-xxx Memory walking 1's test failure
0209-xxx RAM long test failure
0211-xx Random pattern test failure
0212-xxx Cache test failure
0214-xx Noise test failure
0215-xx Random address test failure

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Keyboard Test Error Codes:

0300-xx Keyboard ID test failure
0301-xx Keyboard self test/interface test failure
0302-xx Individual key test failure
0304-xx Keyboard repeat test failure

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Parallel Printer Test Error Codes:

0401-xx Printer failure or not connected
0402-xx Printer port test failure
0403-xx Printer pattern test failure

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Diskette Drive Test Error Codes:

0600-xx Diskette ID drive types test failure
0601-xx Diskette format failure
0602-xx Diskette read test failure
0603-xx Diskette write, read, compare test failure
0604-xx Diskette random seek test failure
0605-xx Diskette ID media test failure
0606-xx Diskette speed test failure
0607-xx Diskette change line test failure

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Serial Port Test Error Codes:

1101-xx Serial port test failed

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Modem Communications Test Error Codes:

1201-xx Modem internal test failure
1203-xx Modem external termination test failure
1204-xx Modem auto originate test failure
1205-xx Modem auto answer test failure
1210-xx Modem direct connect test failure

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Hard Drive Test Error Codes:

1701-xx Hard drive format test failure
1702-xx Hard drive read test failure
1703-xx hard drive write/read/compare test failure
1704-xx Hard drive random seek test failure
1705-xx Hard drive controller test failure
1708-xx Hard drive format bad track test failure
1710-xx Hard drive park head test failure
1715-xx Hard drive head select test failure
1716-xx Hard drive conditional format test failure
1717-xx Hard drive ECC test failure
1719-xx Hard drive power mode test failure
1724-xx Hard drive network preparation test failure
1736-xx Hard drive monitoring test failure

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Tape Drive Test Error Codes:

1900-xx Tape drive ID test failure
1901-xx Tape drive servo test failure
1902-xx Tape drive format or format verification test failure
1903-xx Tape sensor test failure
1904-xx Tape drive BOT/EOT test failure
1905-xx Tape drive read test failure
1906-xx Tape drive write/read/compare failure
1910-xx Tape erase test failure

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Video Test Error Codes:

2401-xx Graphics controller test failure
2402-xx Video memory test failure
2403-xx Video attribute test failure
2404-xx Video character set test failure
2405-xx Video 80 x 25 mode 9 x 14 character cell test failure
2506-xx Video 80 x 25 mode 8 x 8 character cell test failure
2408-xx Video 320 x 200 mode color set 0 test failure
2409-xx Video 320 x 200 mode color set 1 test failure
2410-xx Video 640 x 200 mode test failure
2411-xx Video screen memory page test failure
2412-xx Video gray scale test failure
2418-xx ECG/VGC memory test failure
2419-xx ECG/VGC ROM checksum test failure
2420-xx Graphics attribute test failure
2421-xx ECG/VGC 640 x 200 graphics mode test failure
2422-xx ECG/VGC 640 x 350 16 color set test failure
2423-xx ECG/VGC 640 x 350 64 color set test failure
2424-xx ECG/VGC monochrome text mode test failure
2425-xx ECG/VGC monochrome graphics mode test failure
2431-xx 640 x 480 graphics test failure
2432-xx 320 x 200 graphics (245 color mode) test failure
2448-xx Advanced VGA controller test failure
2451-xx 132 column advanced VGA test failure
2456-xx Advanced VGA 256 color test failure
2458-xx Advanced VGA BitBLT test failure
2468-xx Advanced VGA DAC test failure
2477-xx Advanced VGA data path test failure
2478-xx Advanced VGA BitBLT test failure
2480-xx Advanced VGA linedraw test failure

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Audio Test Error Codes:

3206-xx Audio system internal error

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Network Interface Test Error Codes:

6000-xx Network ID test failure
6014-xx Network configuration test failure - Ethernet
6016-xx Network reset test failure - Ethernet
6028-xx Network internal test failure - Ethernet
6029-xx Network external test failure - Ethernet
6054-xx Network configuration test failure - Token ring
6056-xx Network reset test failure - Token ring
6068-xx Network internal test failure - Token ring
6069-xx Network external test failure - Token ring
6089-xx Network open test failure - Token ring

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SCSI CD-ROM Test Error Codes:

6600-xx ID test failure
6605-xx Read test failure
6608-xx Controller test failure
6623-xx Random read test failure

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SCSI Test Error Codes:

65xx-xx Hard drive related error
66xx-xx CD-ROM Drive or PD-CD drive related error
67xx-xx Tape drive related error
xx00-xx ID based error code
xx05-xx Read based error code
xx06-xx SA/Media based error code
xx08-xx Controller based error code
xx09-xx Media erase based error code
xx23-xx Random read based error code
xx-28-xx Media load/unload based error code
xxxx-02 Drive not installed
xxxx-03 Media not in drive
xxxx-05 Seek failure
xxxx-06 Drive timed out
xxxx-07 Drive busy
xxxx-08 Drive already reserved
xxxx-09 Unknown
xxxx-10 Unknown
xxxx-11 Media soft error
xxxx-12 Drive not ready
xxxx-13 Media error
xxxx-14 Drive hardware error
xxxx-15 Illegal drive command
xxxx-16 Media has changed
xxxx-17 Tape write protect
xxxx-18 No data detected
xxxx-21 Drive command aborted
xxxx-24 Media hard error
65xx-24 Media hard error
66xx-24 Media hard error
67xx-24 Media hard error
xxxx-25 Unknown
xxxx-30 Controller timed out
xxxx-31 Unrecoverable error
xxxx-32 Controller/drive disconnected
xxxx-33 Illegal controller command
xxxx-34 Invalid SCSI bus phase
xxxx-35 Invalid SCSI bus phase
xxxx-36 Invalid SCSI bus phase
xxxx-39 Error status from drive
xxxx-40 Target timed out
xxxx-41 SCSI bus stayed busy
xxxx-42 ACK/REQ lines bad
xxxx-43 ACK did not deassert
xxxx-44 Parity error
xxxx-50 Data pins bad
xxxx-51 Data line 7 bad
xxxx-52 MSG, C/D, and/or I/O lines bad
xxxx-53 BSY never went busy
xxxx-54 BSY stayed busy
xxxx-60 Controller CONFIG-1 register bad
xxxx-61 Controller CONFIG-2 register bad
xxxx-65 Media not loaded
xxxx-90 Fan failure
xxxx-91 Over temperature
xxxx-99 Autoloader reported tapes not loaded properly

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Pointing Device Test Error Codes:

8601-xx Mouse test failed
8602-xx Interface test failed

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