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BIOS PostCodes

Intel Motherboards:

  • Quadtel v 3.07 AT BIOS Post Codes
  • Quadtel 16K XT BIOS Post Codes


Quadtel v 3.07 AT BIOS Post Codes:

02 Flag test
04 Register test
06 System hardware initialization
08 Initialize chipset registers
0A BIOS ROM checksum
0C DMA page register test
0E 8254 programmable interrupt timer test
10 8254 programmable interrupt timer initialization
12 8237 DMA controller test
14 8237 DMA controller initialization
16 Initialize 8259 programmable interrupt controller; reset math coprocessor
18 8259 programmable interrupt controller test
1A Memory refresh test
1C Base 64K RAM address test
1E Base 64K RAM memory test
20 Base 64K RAM test for 386 based systems
22 8742 keyboard controller self test
24 MC 146818 CMOS test
26 Start first protected mode test
28 Memory sizing test
2A Autosize memory chips
2C Chip interleave enable test
2E First protected mode test exit
30 Unexpected shutdown
32 System board memory size
34 Relocate shadow RAM if configured
36 Configure EMS system
38 Configure wait states
3A Retest 64K RAM base memory
3C CPU speed calculation
3E Get switches from 8042 keyboard controller
40 Configure CPU speed
42 Initialize interrupt vectors
44 Verify video configuration
46 Initialize video system
48 Test unexpected interrupts
4A Start second protected mode test
4C Verify LDT protected mode instruction
4E Verify TR protected mode instruction
50 Verify LSL protected mode instruction
52 Verify LAR protected mode instruction
54 Verify VERR protected mode instruction
56 Unexpected exception
58 Address line A20 test
5A Keyboard ready test
5C Determine AT or XT keyboard
5E Start third protected mode test
60 Base memory test
62 Base memory address test
64 Shadow memory test
66 Extended memory test
68 Extended address test
6A Determine memory size
6C Display error messages
6E Copy BIOS to shadow memory
70 8254 programmable interrupt timer clock test
72 MC 146818 real time clock test
74 Keyboard stuck key test
76 Initialize hardware interrupt vectors
78 Math coprocessor test
7A Determine serial ports available
7C Determine parallel ports available
7E Initialize BIOS data area
80 Determine floppy and hard disk controller
82 Floppy disk test
84 Hard disk test
86 External ROM scan
88 System key lock test
8A Wait for <F1> key pressed
8C Final system initialization
8E Interrupt 19 boot loader
B0 Unexpected interrupt before or after boot up

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Quadtel 16K XT BIOS Post Codes:

03 Test flag register
06 Test CPU register
09 Initialize system hardware
0C Test BIOS ROM checksum
0F Initialize 8237 DMA page register
12 Test 8237 DMA address and count registers
15 Initialize 8237 DMA controller
18 Test 8253 programmable interrupt timer
1B Initialize 8253 programmable interrupt timer
1E Start memory refresh test
21 Test base 64K RAM
24 Set up common interrupt temp stack
27 Initialize 8259 programmable interrupt controller
2A Test interrupt mask register
2D Test for unexpected interrupt
30 Test V40 DMA if present
31 Test for DDNIL bits if present
33 Verify system clock interrupt
36 Test keyboard
39 Set up interrupt table
3C Read system configuration switches
3F Test video
42 Determine serial ports available
45 Determine parallel ports available
48 Determine if game port available
4B Display copyright message
4E Calculate CPU speed
54 Test system memory
55 Test floppy drive
57 Initialize system before boot
5A Call interrupt 19 boot loader

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All information has been gathered with permission of the respective BIOS providers. Although Bios Central has used reasonable effort to ensure accuracy we are unable to verify all codes posted. Use at your own risk. Bios Central, or any person associated with Bios Central takes no responsibility for any dmage resulting from the use of this information.

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