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BIOS PostCodes

Intel Motherboards:

The following is a list of the standard BIOS interrupts used in a typical BIOS.






00h 0000:0000h Processor Divide by zero
01h 0000:0004h Processor Single step
02h 0000:0008h Processor Non maskable interrupt (NMI)
03h 0000:000Ch Processor Breakpoint
04h 0000:0010h Processor Arithmetic overflow
05h 0000:0014h Software Print screen
06h 0000:0018h Processor Invalid op code
07h 0000:001Ch Processor Coprocessor not available
08h 0000:0020h Hardware System timer service routine
09h 0000:0024h Hardware Keyboard device service routine
0Ah 0000:0028h Hardware Cascade from 2nd programmable interrupt controller
0Bh 0000:002Ch Hardware Serial port service - COM post 2
0Ch 0000:0030h Hardware Serial port service - COM port 1
0Dh 0000:0034h Hardware Parallel printer service - LPT 2
0Eh 0000:0038h Hardware Floppy disk service
0Fh 0000:003Ch Hardware Parallel printer service - LPT 1
10h 0000:0040h Software Video service routine
11h 0000:0044h Software Equipment list service routine
12h 0000:0048H Software Memory size service routine
13h 0000:004Ch Software Hard disk drive service
14h 0000:0050h Software Serial communications service routines
15h 0000:0054h Software System services support routines
16h 0000:0058h Software Keyboard support service routines
17h 0000:005Ch Software Parallel printer support services
18h 0000:0060h Software Load and run ROM BASIC
19h 0000:0064h Software DOS loading routine
1Ah 0000:0068h Software Real time clock service routines
1Bh 0000:006Ch Software CRTL - BREAK service routines
1Ch 0000:0070h Software User timer service routine
1Dh 00000074h Software Video control parameter table
1Eh 0000:0078h Software Floppy disk parameter routine
1Fh 0000:007Ch Software Video graphics character routine
20h-3Fh 0000:0080f - 0000:00FCh SOftware DOS interrupt points
40h 0000:0100h Software Floppy disk revector routine
41h 0000:0104h Software hard disk drive C: parameter table
42h 0000:0108h Software EGA default video driver
43h 0000:010Ch Software Video graphics characters
44h 0000:0110h Software Novel Netware API
45h 0000:0114h Software Not used
46h 0000:0118h Software Hard disk drive D: parameter table
47h 0000:011Ch - Software Not used
48h   Software Not used
49h 0000:0124h Software Not used
4Ah 0000:0128h Software User alarm
4Bh-63h 0000:012Ch - Software Not used
64h   Software Novel Netware IPX
65h-66h   Software Not used
67h   Software EMS support routines
68h-6Fh 0000:01BCh Software Not used
70h 0000:01c0h Hardware Real time clock
71h 0000:01C4h Hardware Redirect interrupt cascade
72h-74h 0000:01C8h - 0000:01D0h Hardware Reserved - Do not use
75h 0000:01D4h Hardware Math coprocessor exception
76h 0000:01D8h Hardware Hard disk support
77h 0000:01DCh Hardware Suspend request
78h-79h 0000:01E0h - Hardware Not used
7Ah   Software Novell Netware API
78h-FFh 0000:03FCh Software Not used

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