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Welcome to BIOS Central

BIOS means Basic Input Output System. BIOS is actually firmware, the software that is programmed into a ROM (Read-Only Memory) chip built onto the motherboard of a computer. BIOS is what makes the system run an initial Power-On Self-Test of the computer, initialize circuits, load the boot program from the boot disk, and then handle low-level I/O to peripheral controllers such as keyboard and display.

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Scope of This Web Site

BIOS Central is not for everyone. It is intended to be a technical reference home site for technicians and advanced computer users who troubleshoot computers using Power-On Self-Test cards or diagnostics, developers or technicians who want to find or add POST code information, users who want to flash their BIOSes, people who want to solve computer hardware or firmware problems, and anyone who wants to submit or read a competent review on PC maintenance products like diagnostic software, test cards, and recovery tools and other utilities. You are still welcome if you are a computer neophyte. On both sides of this text you can see many links to click on to access our reference lists and other material. You may learn some useful and interesting things here.

Free, But Your Financial Support is Needed, Wanted, and Appreciated

BIOS Central is Free and it likely always will be. Most of you cannot imagine how much work went into compiling all the data we offer here. The site is valuable, and can save you a ton of frustration when your system won't boot and you don't have documentation on its POST codes. If you find this site useful, and especially if it helped you diagnose and repair a PC problem, please consider clicking on the "Donate" button below and send us a contribution of whatever you can afford. It does cost money to host and update the site, and bandwidth usage and disk storage are growing daily. We sincerely appreciate your financial help, and we encourage you to give generously. Thank you!

What's New? Forum Manager

The Forum (see link abovei s your best way to interact with other professionals and system users who have BIOS problems. We also provide a form in the Contact Us link if you want to ask questions or tell us how much you like this site. We encourage you to use the Forum before asking us for help.

If you are technically competent or have specific knowledge, we invite you to contribute your ideas, experiences, solutions, and reviews. If you need help, we invite you to ask for it in the appropriate forum. Aside from POST codes and other technical data listings, the forum is the heart of the site. If you are a technical whizbang and want to become a group moderator, let it be known in the site comment forum. If you discover errors or omissions or want to contribute an entirely new list you have found in some obscure computer BIOS manual, please use the forum to submit it along with source information.

Product and Company Reviews

We are keenly interested in receiving reliable articles reviewing computer maintenance products such as diagnostics, recovery software, and test cards and fixtures. If you have intimate knowledge on such products and want to submit an article for our review and publication, visit the appropriate forum. We also want to hear about your experiences in dealing with companies that make BIOSes and maintenance tools.

Future Plans

We are working to reorganize all of the POST code, beep, and error code tables by adding them into a formal database that you can search for specific codes, meanings, or BIOSes, and if we can muster the resources, we will add repair or remedy information for the fatal codes. Such a reference has been requested often. We are also working to implement a content manager that will make it easier to maintain the site, and make it more useful to our guests. We hope you find this site to be useful. We will continue adding to it.

Who are We?

Our technical staff includes engineers who have been pioneers in the development and enhancement of BIOSes, PC diagnostics, test cards, data recovery tools, and training materials. All of the legacy POST code tables on this site were researched and documented by our staff beginning in 1988, and there have been other contributors.

Disclaimer of Liability: we have employed reasonable diligence to ensure the accuracy and consistency of POST code and other information provided on this site. However, you use the information at your own risk. We hereby disclaim any warranty of its suitability for any specific purpose, and deny liability for any and all direct, incidental, or consequential damage, cost, or loss of revenue that may arise in connection with its use. 

Copyright © 1988 -  by Bob Hurt. All rights reserved. Bios Central is a trademark of Bob Hurt.

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